The Healthy Beautiful Company


Louise is a seasoned Actor, Singer and Dancer known throughout North America.  She authored the inspiring book called, From Transplant to Transformation - The Journey of a Mother Who Gave the Gift of Life Twice.  She is also the creator, founder and CEO of a Natural and Holistic line of Skin Care, Body Products, Cosmetics and Perfume called LC Natural Health & Beauty.  Her motivation to create this exquisite skin care line came from the experience of her first born child.  Within the first few weeks of his life, it became  evident that he needed a new liver or he would die.  With no other donor in sight, Louise donated the left lobe of her liver for her son's surgery when he was only 12 weeks old.  The doctors told her not to expect any miracles as this type of surgery didn't have a high rate of success for young recipients.  Her son indeed made it through and continues to live a healthy and thriving life today.  This experience urged Louise to want to know everything she could learn about how to keep her son's body (and consequently hers), as healthy as possible.  That is why she created her health and beauty line.  Louise is a shining example of a multi-talented individual who has found a way to use all of her gifts to bless her life and the life of others.