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Accredited Courses, Books, Self-Help programs

As part of an on going interest in educating clients about Health, Wellness and Beauty, LC Natural has created a presentation on the benefits of adopting The Conscious Living Lifestyle. Louise brings a fun and informative twist to a subject she is very close to and passionate about. She sheds light on the 9 principles that will de-stress your life and contribute to happy and healthy longevity. Call Louise to visit your next Health & Wellness function, Corporate Event or stressed out workplace, to have her speak on how to Increase Health & Vitality and Decrease Pain and Illness with The Conscious Living Lifestyle.™ A Workbook

Also available:  Transformation Meditation; A Self-Study Guide for beginners

                          An Introduction to Holistic Therapies (Textbook)

                          The Beauty Behind the Canvas (available soon-Textbook)   


Here at LC Natural Health & Beauty we believe that self-education is a very important part of being an active participant in one’s

own preventative healthcare and maintenance. However, SELF DIAGNOSIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA. Please use the links, references and resource material available to you here for educational purposes only. Consult your medical professional if you are concerned about a specific condition or problem. Not every treatment is good for every body so take a little and learn a lot!

LC Natural Health ‘n Beauty Wellness Institute Is pleased to be recognized as approved training providers with the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine).

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